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How cool are these?

New York based photographer Stephan Wilkes has managed to capture the passage of time in a single photograph. His “Day to Night” photo series explores the many changes that take place in Stehphan’s beloved city of New York as it transitions from day to night.

  1. The Flatiron
  2. NYC Library
  3. Washington Square Park
  4. The Highline, NYC
  5. Park Avenue
  6. Bethesda Fountain, Central Park
  7. Times Square
  8. Gramercy Park, NYC
  9. Coney Island 

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Kristen Chenoweth will sometimes ask a random audience member to come up and sing a duet with her. On this occasion that random audience member happened to be a voice teacher.

Amazing-ness ensues. 

A little fishing in our backyard

5 Things To Consider Before Booking A Videographer


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